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Defending Our Children’s Future:  Family Values, Constitutional Preservation, & Individual Liberties

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Meet Ken Davenport

Born and raised in Brevard County, Florida, I proudly hail from Rockledge High, where my journey in leadership and teamwork began as a dedicated member of the track, wrestling, and football teams. Following graduation, I pursued my higher education at UCF (Charge On Knights!) in Orange County, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in criminal justice.


It was during my time at UCF that I met my incredible wife, Susan, with whom I’ve shared 25 years of love and joy. Together, we have been blessed with three beautiful children, accompanied by our lively household of two dogs, four cats, and two goldfish.


Having grown up in a family of legal immigrants from Chile, Susan witnessed firsthand the realization of the American dream in Central Florida. Inspired by hard work, respect, and an unwavering desire to integrate into this great nation, her parents instilled in us the belief that ‘There is nothing you can’t do if you are willing to put in the work!’ (No hay nada que no puedas hacer si est├ís dispuesto a esforzarte.) This belief continues to shape our family’s values.


Armed with my degree, I embarked on a career in law enforcement, nurturing a profound respect for our first responders. I have never shied away from hard work, having delivered pizzas and worked in construction, digging ditches, as a teen and young adult. My wife and I also ventured into the world of entrepreneurship by opening a pizza restaurant and investing in residential real estate.  


Presently, my wife and I proudly serve as flight attendants, enabling me to combine my love for helping others with earning a livelihood. Traveling extensively across our great nation and interacting with individuals from diverse backgrounds has deepened my appreciation for the freedoms we cherish in Florida.  I am not a career politician, but rather a concerned citizen who believes it is my duty to go beyond mere rhetoric and actively serve my community and state, effecting meaningful change.


As your Representative of District 35 in the Florida House of Representatives, I pledge to diligently listen to your concerns and take decisive action on behalf of my constituents. Join me in the quest for a better Florida, where every community matters, every voice matters, and every vote matters. 


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Ken Davenport for Florida State District 35

Key Issues

Family First

Recognizing the fundamental importance of strong families as the bedrock of our society and prioritizing policies that support and empower families.

Freedom of Religion

Protecting and preserving the freedom of individuals to practice their religion without interference or discrimination, promoting religious tolerance and diversity.

Medical Freedom Reform

Advocating for the freedom of individuals to make their own informed healthcare decisions, preserving the doctor-patient relationship, and protecting medical privacy.

2nd Amendment Rights

Safeguarding the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens to bear arms and defending the right to self-defense.

Promoting Strong Education

Prioritizing the improvement and strengthening of our education system, ensuring access to quality education, and preparing our children for successful futures.

Preserving Our Constitution

Upholding and defending the principles and values enshrined in the United States Constitution, safeguarding our rights and liberties for present and future generations.

No Mandates

Opposing unnecessary government mandates that infringe upon personal freedoms and individual choices, advocating for limited government intervention in private matters.

Pro-Life Values

Advocating for the protection of the sanctity of life, supporting policies that protect the rights of the unborn, and promoting alternatives to abortion.

Citizens First

The government works for the citizens and not the other way around.  All new government actions must be with the citizens’ best interest in mind. 

Ken Davenport

Ken Davenport

Candidate for Florida State House Representative

Ken’s Promise

“I am not a career politician, but rather a concerned citizen who feels a sense of duty to make a positive difference in our community and state.

If elected as your Representative of District 35 in the Florida House of Representatives, I promise to listen attentively to your concerns, be a steadfast advocate for your needs, and work tirelessly to effect meaningful change.”

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